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Nesbitt Realty: Sorting Ideal Renters In Alexandria, Virginia From Bad Applicants

Nesbitt Realty doesn't “sell” homes. We market rental homes to the public to discover the best lessee. How do you find the the right tenant for your rental residence in 22303 in Fairfax County? Investigating possible renters is one of the most vital chores of every managing agent in 22303. Our small real estate brokerage investigates the prospective renter’s past behavior. With that in mind, our real estate business assumes the possible renter’s future behavior will be the same. The prospective tenant should demonstrate a history of being a stable, trustworthy renter and also meeting our financial criteria. Our background checking process is founded on several basic tactics including:
  • Credit History – The applicant's credit history informs us about the potential lessee’s current and past performance with regards to debts and other financial obligations. The applicant’s credit report also tells us their monthly debt and shows their previous addresses (which we compare to addresses listed on the application). An applicant must have acceptable credit to qualify.
  • Income Verification – Our family-run brokerage checks and confirms job title, prospects for continued employment, job status and salary. Depending upon the applicant's debt load, a tenant needs to earn at least 3 to 4 times the monthly rent in gross income to qualify for rental.
  • Application – After the applicant learn more abouts a investment unit, the agent takes an application. The application is accompanied by supporting documentation so that our brokerage can verify and examine all information included on the application. The possible tenant pays for the cost of the background check at the time of application.
If accepted, the prospective renter’s in-processing includes a lease, lease signing, collecting pro-rated rent, and providing the renter with a copy of any association documents needed for disclosure and instruction on rules and regulations associated with the rental property and community. For a complete break-down our process, email Nesbitt Realty or read more here. Nesbitt Realty also gets lessees through Internet web searches and other methods. To learn more about the full-list of what we do, contact an agent today. Nesbitt Realty also gets renters through relocation networks and other methods. To learn more about the full-list of what we do, email an agent today. Read more about about rental management in Fairfax County

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