3 Bedroom Rentals In 22304 In The City Of Alexandria VA

Are you searching for a 3-bedroom 2-baths rental in 22304?
Photo of 5140 Donovan Dr

Rentals in 22304

If you need an agent contact Andrew Patton. Andrew Patton always says, “I’m a local expert on Northern Virginia real estate. ”

Which Zip codes in Alexandria have similarly priced rental homes on the market?

22314 10 Active
22310 5 Active
22315 4 Active
22304 3 Active
22301 2 Active
22308 1 Active
22307 1 Active
22302 1 Active
22303 1 Active

[Or select your rental own criteria.]

Andrew Patton

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Andrew Patton was born and raised in Northern Virginia. After attending college at East Carolina he moved to Alexandria. He is licensed in the state of Virginia and specializes in homes in Northern Virginia. Andrew has been practicing Real Estate for over 4 years and has a lifetime of experience in the area,

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