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Students Stay Connected While Social Distancing In Alexandria

Friends, neighbors, and businesses look for ways to stay connected while staying safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic as social distancing has become the new normal. While businesses have taken to web conferencing, teens are finding ways to stay in touch in the absence of classes.
Seniors from St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes gather March 30 while practicing social distancing
T.C. Williams High School junior Maeve Waller said, "It’s a frustrating situation, but I think our teachers and staff at T.C. are handling it really well with getting out content. It’s nice that we can still do things like this – staying 6 feet apart but still be with our friends." According to the Alexandria Gazette, "A group of high school seniors from Saint Stephen’s & St. Agnes got together March 30 in a parking lot to enjoy the outdoors but also practice social distancing. “Our hope is to have a graduation,” said SSSA senior Liliana Dowling. “We don’t have classes but are trying to stay connected as much as we can as a senior class."

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