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$1,675,000 at Hunting Creek
Not all Realtors are created equal. Case in point, some work with more homeowners than home buyers. Further, others may work part-time, or are not very easy to work with. For this reason, there are many different kinds of Realtors. Therefore, you need to be smart about who you choose to help you find your detached home in Fairfax County. Andrew Patton is a enthusiastic and sensible licensed real estate adviser that serves buyer clients in 22303 in Fairfax County that are looking at detached homes just like this. Make an appealing offer! If your offer is not appealing in some way to the seller, then you have no chance at the purchase. This isn’t always about the money. Andrew Patton is good tireless licensed real estate adviser. Accordingly, Andrew knows the best way to structure a contract to make it as appealing as possible to the sellers in Fairfax County. Accordingly, the more appealing your offer on a place like 5825 Foley St, the better chance it stands of being accepted. Andrew Patton suggests that you “get personal” when looking at a home like 5825 Foley St. For example, some real estate sellers don’t want to sell their property to an investor. Accordingly, a buyer who wants a primary residence would be well advised to make that known to the seller. Furthermore, some homeowners want to work with a small family-run business like Nesbitt Realty. By getting personal with the seller, we can find what levers we can pull (other than price) to get the offer accepted. In other words, Andrew can show you how to craft a shopper‘s letter that will take advantage of the fact that some sellers prefer to pass their home on to some like you who will cherish it as they have.

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Nesbitt Team
Nesbitt Team
Whatever you do, don’t try to go it alone without professional help. Investing in a detached home in Alexandria, Virginia is not as easy as it looks.  
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