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Various businesses Donated For GivingTuesday In Falls Church

After a days-long stretch of shopping and checking holiday gifts off your list, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving offers a moment for Americans to shift their focus to gratitude and giving back. GivingTuesday, observed this year on Tuesday, Nov. 30, is a global movement to inspire hundreds of millions of people to not only give to their favorite charities and nonprofit groups but also to recognize and celebrate the generosity of others. According to, "GivingTuesday and its mission also falls effortlessly in with "30 Days Of Gratitude," a Patch series exploring the intentionality of gratitude and how it enriches our lives. Living with gratitude goes beyond merely being thankful. It doesn't mean pretending bad things don't happen, but rather savoring the goodness, according to experts on the topic, including Robert Emmons, a University of California - Davis psychology professor who is known as the "father of gratitude." In short, living with gratitude is "an affirmation of goodness" and a recognition of the good in the world as the source of our individual gifts, benefits and blessings."

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