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4 Bedroom In 22303 Asking $515,000

2506 Fairhaven Ave is located in Fairfax County. Photo of 2506 Fairhaven Ave Ask Andrew Patton to look at residences for you before showing them to you. Not every agent will have the time for this extra service, but in some instances, a Nesbitt Realty licensed real estate adviser may have already viewed homes this and other homes that meet your needs. Not everybody is cut out to own a mid-market detached home in 22303 in Fairfax County, and if you're one of those people, it's better to find this out now than when you're under contract. Andrew Patton can give you an honest and objective assessment of your situation and goals to help you determine whether you should acquire in Northern Virginia. Continue reading "4 Bedroom In 22303 Asking $515,000"

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